9–13 Sep This (simple) assignment will attune you to your creative instincts in your day-to-day life. Note: it is essential to hand in your homework!


Rant with Kumar

9 Sep Ranting has a bad rap for being reckless/destructive behaviour. How do we turn it into a CONSTRUCTIVE FORCE in public communication? Let queen of comedy, Kumar, give us a few tips.


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Breathing Objects

10 & 12 Sep Learn how to animate breathe life into the things we find around us. Turn an (everyday) object into a puppet with a life of its/our own, capable of taking the audience’s breath away.

Healing with Humour

10 Sep As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine”. Discover the importance of humour in our social interactions through an entirely chat-based workshop (read: dressing up not necessary).


Acts & Antidotes for Surviving Eclipses, Peculiar Habitats & Contradictory Certainties

11 & 13 Sep
How do we react to persevere through life’s threats/challenges? Explore ways to create our own memory maps, talismanic effigies or calendrical systems as coping mechanisms in times of crisis/transition.

Kemas Ritual

12 Sep Can the act of cleaning/tidying up transcend mundanity? With imagination and a sense of purpose, it can become a ritual that evokes calm.

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