SCENES is a socially engaged arts project started by Drama Box in 2010. This year’s edition – SCENES: Participatory Practices – coincides with Drama Box’s 30th anniversary and (unfortunately) COVID-19. Undeterred by the physical distance imposed by the pandemic, we welcome your participation as we gather online.


What do we need to learn/unlearn to participate more meaningfully in the world we live in? Pick up skills Gain hands-on wisdom from six artists / artistic groups sharing about topics as diverse as ranting and cleaning.


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Our Heartfelt Gratitude

Thank you for gathering here (across distance and space) to participate in the arts in a radically different social context brought about by COVID-19. We hope that you have found renewed inspiration/motivation to be engaged in this world that we live in. Though SCENES: Participatory Practices has come to an end, there is still much to discover on this site. Feel free to explore/relive the Experiences, Workshops and Conversations through the exhibits/recordings/reflections collected. See you at our next edition of SCENES!

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Step out of our comfort zones, into exploratory/experimental roles that come with voting rights, cooking (un)expectations, or uncanny opportunities to connect. The only requirement for participation? An open mind.


Take a step back to reflect, discuss and share. A panel discussion (between artists) and a campfire chat (among participants) link bridge the experience in SCENES: Participatory Practices and the world beyond.

Thank you for visiting us on your mobile device. We would like to invite you to switch over to a laptop/desktop to join us.

As SCENES: Participatory Practices was first conceptualised as a physical event, we had little time to adapt to the online platform. However, we did not want to give up on meeting with you through our socially engaged arts. With the constraints at hand, we decided to focus on developing our website for the laptop/desktop, so as to provide a better participatory experience.

We look forward to you joining us (on your laptop/desktop)!