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Gathering Apart: Making Participatory Art in a Physically-distanced World

7 Sep (Mon), 7 - 8.30 pm

How do we continue to make participatory art in a physically-distanced world? This is the BIG question that SCENES: Participatory Practices asks in its opening panel discussion. “Coming together” (online) to answer/ponder this question are performance artists Jamie Lewis, JK Anicoche and artistic director Han Xuemei. As they share/reflect on the discoveries and challenges in adapting their work for online participation for this special edition of SCENES, their conversation acts as becomes a bridge, linking us to leading us into the world of SCENES: Participatory Practices.

While tickets are not required to watch the livestream of this conversation, you can choose to support Drama Box with a donation. The pandemic has affected many sectors adversely – the arts being one of the worst hit. We would be grateful if you could help see us through this time, so we can continue to share our socially engaged arts with the community and beyond.

Being A Part of Gathering: Reflections from SCENES Participants

13 Sep (Sun), 7 - 8.30 pm Shifting the focus from artists to participants, the second conversation is an informal chat, with everyone “gathered around” a (virtual) campfire to toast marshmallows discuss the question: How do we practise participation in a physically-distanced world? All participants of SCENES: Participatory Practices are invited to join in to share their views and/or reflect on the issues brought up in the Workshops/Experiences. On this contemplative note, SCENES: Participatory Practices comes to an end, providing a springboard into the world beyond.

Thank you for visiting us on your mobile device. We would like to invite you to switch over to a laptop/desktop to join us.

As SCENES: Participatory Practices was first conceptualised as a physical event, we had little time to adapt to the online platform. However, we did not want to give up on meeting with you through our socially engaged arts. With the constraints at hand, we decided to focus on developing our website for the laptop/desktop, so as to provide a better participatory experience.

We look forward to you joining us (on your laptop/desktop)!