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8-10 SEP (TUE - THU), 72 HOURS
8 SEP, 6-7 AM AND 6-7 PM
9 SEP, 9-10 AM AND 5-6 PM
10 SEP, 6-7 PM AND 11:30-11:59 PM

The conditions set by the sudden spread of the pandemic have made it difficult for us to interact/communicate. Physical distancing, isolation – even the wearing of masks – have curtailed our means to communicate as social beings of this world. Let’s come together to explore possibilities to get around overcome these barriers / safety measures through a collaborative performance that sets us on a journey to discover multiple pathways to reach out and find create connections.

KXMOBA is held on Zoom. Participants are free to enter and leave the 72-hour activity room anytime during the performance from 8 to 10 September. While tickets are not required for participation, you can choose to support Drama Box with a donation.

Do note that Drama Box will be making recordings for archival and publicity purposes.

Artistic Group (The Brains Behind)

KOMUNIDAD X (KX) is an anti-disciplinary collective committed to creating “life” performances for civic engagement / social development. Comprising social actors working at the intersection of art/culture/development, it is the collective arm of Sipat Lawin Inc (SLI), an edge-work contemporary cultural laboratory. KX is primarily based in Manila, cultivating a social ecology of performance development platforms with different communities across the Philippines and around the world. The members who are taking part in KXMOBA are JK Anicoche, sig pecho, Adrienne Vergara, Brian Bango, Aaron Kaiser Garcia, Kirby Vicente and Io Balanon.

How do we remain engaged in our world?

KOMUNIDAD X recommends:

Celebrating the Creative Living Presence: A Culture of Healing  by Felipe Mendoza De Leon

“The strong spirit of togetherness emanates from unique cultural expressions. We encourage every human being to embrace the shared expressions of humanity through our differences, our uniqueness, the culture we bring along with us and will in turn share. We rehearse a stronger sense of togetherness in every encounter we live for in the creative present.”

Artefacts / Exhibits / Experiential Log

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As SCENES: Participatory Practices was first conceptualised as a physical event, we had little time to adapt to the online platform. However, we did not want to give up on meeting with you through our socially engaged arts. With the constraints at hand, we decided to focus on developing our website for the laptop/desktop, so as to provide a better participatory experience.

We look forward to you joining us (on your laptop/desktop)!