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DIY: From 9 Sep (Wed)
Collective Session: 13 Sep (Sun), 10 - 11.30 am

Breathe art to include yourself – this is the homework for this workshop. Start by practising self-awareness with a DIY assignment, in which (deceptively) simple tasks are given a reflective twist. These encourage become meditation for creative approaches, sharpening your instincts to pay attention to details, take nothing for granted, and make something out of nothing. The workshop concludes with a collective session, where all participants “gather” to create together.

Do note that Drama Box will be making recordings for archival and publicity purposes.

Artist (The Brains Behind)

Born in 1979, anGie seah is a Singaporean artist. Her work playfully traverses the domains of drawing/sculpture/performance/sound, giving form to the shapeless aural experience. Spontaneity is a key artistic strategy for anGie, allowing chance and intuition to navigate a range of shifting emotional resonances and psychological states. anGie has exhibited works, taken part in artist residencies and participated in art festivals in locations such as Belgium (Les Halles de Schaerbeek), Germany (ZKM Centre for new media), Japan (NIPAF/Fukuoka Asian Art Museum), Australia (Asialink/Art Incubator/VCA), France (Palais de Tokyo, Museum of Contemporary Art Lyon, CITES Des Arts), Poland (Galeria Labirynt), and Singapore (Singapore Biennale). For more than a decade, she has been active in creating participatory art projects within communities locally and internationally. Working within a community gives her the chance to be with the reality of life, through people.

How do we remain engaged in our world?

anGie seah recommends:

“song” from the artist book Can Cannot Also Can from the Anyhow Blues Project by Lee Wen in 2011

“This is a personal choice for me to celebrate and pay tribute to a friend Lee Wen, a celebrated performance artist who has also written many poems and songs through his practices. In particular, I have always been able to relate to this ‘song’ book through its expressions while able to sing them to my own rhythm and melodies. I love the book so much that it has become a sort of improvisation exercise book for me. The message from “song” is thoughtfully relevant in a post-COVID world, at a moment when everything feels both stagnant and uncomfortably unfamiliar. The solution, perhaps, is to lean into that unfamiliarity.”
~ anGie seah

Artefacts / Exhibits / Experiential Log

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As SCENES: Participatory Practices was first conceptualised as a physical event, we had little time to adapt to the online platform. However, we did not want to give up on meeting with you through our socially engaged arts. With the constraints at hand, we decided to focus on developing our website for the laptop/desktop, so as to provide a better participatory experience.

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